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My oldest daughter received one of these sprays a few years back at camp and recently passed it along to our then 5 year old, who uses the "magic fairy spray" every night to keep the "bad dreams" away!

On our summer trip to Colorado we suddenly realized that we had forgotten the "Magic" spray in our HP home and it ws devastating for our just turned 6 year old who cried each night that she would have bad dreams!

A web search revealed that this product was and is from Highland Park...our home town, and that our oldest daughter even knew the creator's daughter.

Debbie went out of her way, including a trip to the Post Office and several follow ups to ensure that the spray was sent and received. Amazing customer service and real concern for our little one! This was not some multi-million dollar order from a national retailer but a simple little girl's need of an $8.00 bottle of spray that would keep the bad dreams away!

Having owned and ran several private and public companies, I can say that Debbie's genuine care and customer service is amazing, simply outstanding and we wish her much success. Our gratitude cannot be meausred and we will be vocal supporters going forward! THANK YOU!!
Forest B.-Highland Park, IL 

Once in a while, a kids product comes along that fits so simply, easily, and brilliantly into your life that you wonder how people ever raised kids without it. I'm talking about things here like the Diaper Champ, the sippy cup, the sleep sack & and now the Fairytale Wishes Monster Repellant. This product is brilliant. Right around Halloween, my 5-year-old son became terrified of ghosts and monsters when he went to sleep at night. I came up with the smart (I thought) idea of buying some air-freshener and slapping a label on it. My kid saw right through this. I'd spray the apple-cinnamon stuff and tell him it scared the monsters away. He'd ask why. I'd say, It just does. A fast boat to nowhere. Then, I found Fairytale Wishes Monster Repellant. The whole bubble gum story was EXACTLY what we needed. I explained it. My son understood it. Then We'd spray and spray. My house now smells like a Hubba Bubba factory, but my son is sleeping peacefully in record time. THANK YOU Fairytale Wishes! Karen, Highland Park, IL

My boys love the Sweet Dreams spray!! They like to spritz the room every night before bed and it has helped relieve a lot of their anxiety about falling asleep J A satisfied mom of 2, Marisa, HP, IL

My son has been afraid of going to sleep in his room for the last few months. Ever since getting the Monster Repellent Spray, he feels more secure about falling asleep without the light on! Thank you Fairytale Wishes for giving me back my sanity …Sleeping in Suburbia, Michelle, TX

Recently my 5 year old daughter started having nightmares and coming into our bed at night. Each evening as we put her to bed she would start crying that she was going to have bad dreams. I had heard of this "special" spray called Sweet Dreams.  When I came home and showed my daughter she was so excited... she loves the sparkles in the spray and the scent is so sweet and calming.  We started a ritual of spraying Sweet Dreams before she goes to bed. After the first night she woke up and said, "Mommy I did have dream of a witch -but then she started laughing nicely and smiling.   The Sweet Dreams spray works!"  My daughter has been in her own bed for a couple of weeks now - thanks to this!  The funny thing is my older girls lovethe smell of the spray - so they each have their own bottles.  They swear it makes your dreams"delicious."  Thank you Fairytale Wishes!!!! Sleeping well in Highland Park, Diane

I loved using Happy Camper Spray with homesick campers this summer.  They loved the grape smell and having it on their pillows before they went to bed.  I'm not sure how it worked, but it definitely aided with helping to re-assure homesick campers before bedtime.  If I used it with one camper, everyone in the cabin then wanted it too. It is definitely the "perfect" homesick remedy to send to camp with your kids! Jamie Lake, Asst. Director- Camp Chi 

Reese and Riley love their new Monster spray and sweet dreams spray! Thanks Freddy!! Rachel R., San Jose, CA

Dear Freddy and all your friends at Fairytale Wishes Inc., We Love your products!!! My daughter was recently in a play at a local theater. They cast practiced for 7 weeks and the performances took place on one weekend,3 shows in total. They were all so nervous that first night, so my daughter assured them that they would do a great job because she had this special Super Hero Spray that would take away all their fears and give them the confidence to do their best!! Not only did it work, but for the next 2 perfromances each cast member insisted on being sprayed before each show began. Not only did your Super Hero Spray do wonders for my daughter and her friends, but your Sweet Dreams Spray has made all the difference in the world for my 3 year old going to sleep in his big boy bed every night!!!Thanks for all the Happily Ever Afters Freddy!! Susan, Deerfield, IL

I bought the sweet dream spray for my daughter and son. They really like it. Last night I asked my son Jacob if he wanted some and he said of course I want it every night. They really believe in it.  I It is part of our routine now. It is so cute! Great product! Susan, Milwaukee, WI 

The spray is for my daughter Giani. We LOVE your product, we have a bottle now, that is about to run out. My daughter loves the glitter on her pillow- and the light, sweet lavender scent is yummy Gina, Hollywood, FL

After trying EVERYTHING to get my busy little two and a half year old to stay in her bed during nap time, I bought some Sweet Dreams Spray and it did the trick. I simply spray her pillow before nap and tell her to lay down on her magic pillow that will help her have magic dreams. She now goes to sleep without protest and awakes to share her "magic" dreams with me. It's really made my life a lot easier! Sweet Dreams spray isn't just for kids that are afraid of the dark!"
Tali, Lansing MI

I just wanted to send you a little note to say the sweet dream spray came quickly and my 4yr old daughter LOVED it! Every part of it is perfect - We both love the bag, the card, and the note! My daughter was thrilled that Freddie knew her name. ;) She told me last night that if I had any trouble sleeping, that I could call her and she would be right in with "the magic spray." She woke up this morning and told me that she had "funny dreams, not dreams about ghosts." So- from a mommy to a mommy - thank you so much for everything you do.
Sarah, NJ 

Makynzi and Mia-Belle love their new SuperHero Spray! Thanks so much Freddy! ;-)
Elaine G. 

Our Fairy Tale Wishes Dream spray came yesterday. I did not realize that it had glitter it in - very cool. The boys could not wait to go bed last night and little brother commandeered the bottler earlier in the night. I have now been instructed to buy more dream spray as well as the super hero spray and the monster spray (to repel robbers). TOO SWEET! 

I kissed my little one good night with a face and head covered in fine glitter - it was a very precious moment indeed.
Annette J - South Florida






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